Northwest Band Festival


March 7, 2020
Rex Putnam High School


Welcome 10:00am Main stage
Clackamas Community Band 9:45am 10:15-10:45am Main stage
Beaverton Community Woodwind Ensemble 10:15-10:45am Ensemble space
Second Winds Community Band * 10:30am 11-12:00pm Main stage
Portland Metro Ensemble 11:15-11:45am Ensemble space
Beaverton Community Band 11:30am 12:00-12:30pm Main stage
Vancouver Community Concert Band * 12:15pm 12:45-1:45pm Main stage
Rose City Wind Symphony 1:15pm 1:45-2:15pm Main stage
Beaverton Community Ensemble 1:15-1:45pm Ensemble space
Portland Metro Concert Band * 2:00pm 2:30-3:30pm Main stage
Vancouver Community Ensemble 2:45-3:15pm Ensemble space
Rex Putnam High School Wind Ensemble 3:15pm 3:45-4:15pm Main stage
Closing Remarks 4:30pm Main stage

Participant Details

2019 Festival


Beacock Music Concert Band

Cary Pederson
The Beacock Music Concert and Stage Band were started just for those people who may have missed learning how to play an instrument back in their school years, and now they regret it. It is also for those people who played back in school, but have then spent many years building careers and raising families.

Beaverton Community Band

Martin Sobelman
The Beaverton Community Band is an all-volunteer group of 60-75 adult musicians who share a love for concert band music and willingness to share their talents with the public. We believe that by offering life-long musical education, we can help to preserve the Community Concert Band tradition in America.

PCC Community Band

Matthew W Farris
We are a community band open to all wind and percussion players. Scholarships & college credit are available.

Portland Gay Symphonic Band

Joe Accuardi
The Portland Gay Symphonic Band (PGSB) has been delighting audiences since 1990, growing over the years and now performing a variety of musical styles ranging from classical pieces to contemporary and popular music.

Al Kader Shrine Concert Band

Jeff Hornick
Under the direction of Jeff Hornick

Portland Community Wind Band

Dr. Patrick Murphy
Portland Community Wind Band (PCWB) is dedicated to enriching our community through excellence in music performance and education. We strive to provide a challenging and engaging environment for our members while reaching out to the community through large and small ensemble performances.

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